The Airport Free Zone at Ras Bufontas

Ras Bufontas covers 4km2 directly adjacent to award-winning Hamad International Airport (HIA), providing unrivalled access to air transportation and efficient customs processing times. The first line of the Doha Metro, which opened in May 2019, provides direct access to Ras Bufontas.

Ras Bufontas Industrial Units
24 Light Industrial Units
Aerial View of Ras Bufontas Office and Warehousing Space
2km of serviced land plots
Ras Bufontas Modern Office Building
Office accommodation

Perfectly tailored infrastructure and facilities

These are specific sections of the zone dedicated to particular industries, allowing for optimal cluster growth and perfectly tailored infrastructure and facilities. Fully serviced plots come in different sizes to suit specific industry needs, and facilities are flexible, meaning that companies can either choose to build their own, can hire QFZA to build it for them to exact specifications, or can elect to use pre-built facilities.

Clean, modern, office building

Smart technologies

Qatar Free Zones are designed to be smart, sustainable, green and investor-oriented. Qatar is at the cutting edge of technological developments, and Qatar Free Zones have been designed to allow investors to take full advantage of the exciting growth of technologies such as 5G, the Internet of Things and the expansion of AI-based services.

Robotic assembly line

The free zones are designed to be as efficient as possible, making use of a wide range of innovative technologies and techniques. These include:

Tactics to conserve water and reduce heat; many green spaces, featuring a green irrigation control system, a beachfront promenade and eco-trail; front-facing parking areas screened by evergreens to protect and promote clean air; a wide range of solutions deployed to minimize the need for private transport, including shuttle buses and widespread pedestrian and cycle networks.

Smart technologies are playing a growing role in our logistics offerings. Ras Bufontas Free Zone is set up to incorporate autonomous warehouses and drones, as well as smart customs and insurance solutions.

Our free zones

Our Free Zones are built on connectivity which is why they are positioned 30 minutes from downtown Doha, and sit adjacent to Hamad Airport and Hamad deep-sea port, both award-winning transport hubs that connect you to the world.

Umm Alhoul Free Zone