Manufacturing and Chemicals

Qatar’s energy is among the cheapest and most carbon-efficient in the world, sourced from its vast natural gas reserves.
This gives all our investors a companies a competitive advantage, further enhanced by the advanced infrastructure and connectivity in our Free Zones.

Our zones provide manufacturers a competitive edge

The manufacturing and chemicals cluster is a 5-6 square kilometer area that has been positioned to offer manufacturing and chemicals companies, ranging from startups and SMEs to large multinational corporations, with access to brand new infrastructure and specialized logistics services to provide an optimal business environment for manufacturing and chemicals companies.

The free zone is developing a thriving manufacturing and chemicals sector where technologically proven and commercially viable investments can reap the benefits of a free zone setting. Additionally, QFZ aims to drive innovation and sustainability by working with companies that are leading cutting-edge technologies to drive innovative product development and environmentally friendly processes.

One of the leading manufacturing and chemicals companies taking advantage of all the opportunities and infrastructure in our free zones is Wasco, a leading integrated energy group that is providing pipe coating, engineering & fabrication services, manufacturing pipes, to support the development of the Qatari North Field Expansion project – the world’s largest natural gas reserve.

Competitive Advantages

Competitively Priced Energy Costs

Operational inputs of industries within the technology sector are energy intensive. Due to world-leading liquefied natural gas production, Qatar is able to offer stable and price-effective energy solutions, with QFZ providing access to some of world’s cheapest energy starting at 3.5 USD cents per kW/h.

Natural Gas Reserves

Tap into globally attractive end user industries and diverse market segments, such as engineered materials, advanced textiles, and food ingredients by capitalizing on Qatar’s natural gas holdings and abundant supply of hydrocarbon resources.

Free Zone Incentives

Umm Alhoul provides investors with excellent benefits, including no customs duties on imports and 20 years’ worth of corporate tax holidays.

Competitively Priced Inputs

Qatar has access to one of the world’s largest natural gas reserves, providing the opportunity for key feedstocks, raw materials, and utilities to be arranged at competitive prices.

World-Class Infrastructure

We recognize the importance of having key infrastructure and services in place for the chemicals and manufacturing industry. Therefore, QFZ is working with leading infrastructure developers to create the best-in-class infrastructure for free zone tenants to provide necessities like centralized effluent and hazardous waste treatment facilities.

Strategic Location

The site is adjacent to Hamad Port, a world-class deep seaport with a current capacity of 7.5 million containers providing easy access to some of the world’s largest markets, including India, Africa and the Far East. Additionally, the site is located close to the well-established Mesaieed Industrial City, a center for petrochemicals and oil refining activities of Qatar Petroleum, QAPCO, QChem and QAFCO, QAFAC and others.


Marsa marine cluster is a fully integrated maritime industry and leisure ecosystem with 2,200-ton load bearing synchro lift, travel lift, finger piers and slipway.

Emerging technology

QFZ has put in the place the regulatory and digital infrastructure that has brought Google and Microsoft to our zones to take advantage of the growth opportunities in the Qatar and the wider regional market.

Trade & logistics

The world’s leading logistics companies are setting up regional hubs in our zones because of the unparalleled access we provide to Qatar’s award-winning air and sea-ports.