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Qatar’s laws are designed to enable businesses to compete on the international stage. The government of Qatar strives to encourage business growth and innovation, making Qatar an extremely business friendly and attractive environment to work in.

Fact Sheets and Brochure

Our fact sheets contain informative overviews of various aspects of QFZ, from property solutions to competitive rates and other key features.

Free Zone Overview


Trade Agreements

Qatar has a wide range of trade agreements with various countries in an array of different fields, from customs and transportation to security.


What is Qatar Free Zones Authority (QFZ)?

Qatar Free Zones Authority (QFZ) is the organization responsible for the development and regulation of the free zones in Qatar. It was established in 2018 with a mandate to build world-class free zones to bring industry-leading companies to the zones that will contribute to Qatar’s continued economic growth and diversification.

QFZ operates through its own regulatory framework, granting companies streamlined access to markets in the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and Western Asia. The QFZ team has a very proactive investment attraction and business development ethos; its senior management is committed to attracting companies by connecting them with the growth opportunities available from the QFZ. QFZ also facilitates a streamlined set-up process by providing company registrations, licensing, visas and a range of other services for companies to quickly start and maintain operations.

Is Qatar a competitive location to set up my business?

Qatar is forecast to be the fastest growing GCC economy in 2021 according to the World Bank, and has some of the world’s most exciting projects, including the FIFA 2022 World Cup and the North Field Expansion project which is significantly increasing Qatar’s natural gas output.

The nation ranks extremely high on a number of key metrics, including the World Economic Forum’s 2020 Global Competitiveness Report that scores Qatar:

  • 1st on internet penetration
  • 3rd on ease of finding skilled employees
  • 5th for availability of venture capital

Qatar’s systematic investment in its digital and physical infrastructure are some of the key reasons that are attracting the world’s leading companies to set up in Qatar Free Zones.

Are visas issued through the free zones?

The free zones are directly connected to both Qatar’s award-winning air and seaports, providing our investors access to global markets and supply chains. Over 60% of the world’s population is within eight hours fly-time and five days sailing time from QFZ.

  • Umm Alhoul Free Zone, a 3000-hectare area adjacent to Hamad Port. Hamad Deep Sea port currently provides shipping routes to over 65 destinations
  • Ras Bufontas Free Zone is a 400-hectare area adjacent to Hamad International Airport. Qatar Airways is one of the world’s largest air cargo carriers, serving over 160 destinations worldwide.

The free zones are also strategically located 20 minutes from Doha and approximately a one-hour drive from the Saudi border.

Our free zones provide streamlined access to both ports with no checks or barriers to access from the zones.


We’ve compiled a series of reports published by a range of credible organizations and institutions that contain valuable insights into Qatar’s leading economic and social landscapes.