Qatar is a great place to live

Qatar brings together old-world hospitality with cosmopolitan sophistication, with the chance to enjoy a rich cultural tapestry, new experiences and adventures.

Qatar has extremely low crime rates, world-class schools and universities, cultural attractions and great recreational facilities. 

Traveller woman with sunhat enjoys the view to the skyline of Doha, Qatar
Two happy female middle eastern doctors in blue medical uniform standing in a hospital hallway


Qatar has an advanced healthcare system that has been ranked among the world’s top five quality care providers. Its healthcare system has benefited from largescale investments with spending forecast to grow from USD $4.2bn in 2016 to USD $7.4bn in 2026, representing a 10-year compound annual growth rate of 5.8%. This long-term growth offers healthcare and pharmaceutical companies good opportunities to expand their international presence.


Qatar has a great selection of public and private schools offering American (primary, middle school, AP), International Baccalaureate and British curricula. Doha has attracted leading universities and colleges, with a number focusing on STEM subjects to support the growth of the country’s rapidly evolving economy.

Mixed race child with vr virtual reality goggles in classroom with his friends.
SUV vehicle driving in the sand dunes


Qatar offers adventure for all its residents; whether exploring the majesty of the desert on a camel safari or kayaking through the diverse ecosystems of its mangroves, there is a whole world of adventure to be had for residents and visitors to Qatar.


There is a flourishing arts scene in Qatar with a large number of galleries and museums are on offer including the Arab Museum of Modern Art and the Museum of Islamic Art, designed by IM Pei.

Men in traditional clothing, riding horses in the middle of a busy market street
Happy Qatari family, wearing traditional clothing on a walk

Family fun

There is a universe of activities for families from amazing theme parks to camping out in the desert—Qatar has everything you might need to keep everyone entertained.