Emerging Technologies

QFZ is determined to see the Middle East’s 4th Industrial Revolution start in our zones.
That’s why QFZ offer second-to-none digital infrastructure that is bringing in the world’s leading tech companies.
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A thriving technology ecosystem

Qatar’s innovation hubs and sector clusters have reached the critical mass needed for the world’s leading tech companies to see the value-add their services can bring to the growing Qatari and regional markets. That’s why we’re able to attract companies like Google and Microsoft to our zones.

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New technologies are revolutionizing traditional industry sectors and the world of work, how organizations function and particularly where globally they want to locate operations to compete. QFZ is focusing its business development efforts to attract and build clusters in emerging technologies ranging from artificial intelligence, robotics, drones, automotive technologies, cybersecurity, 3D Printing, Blockchain, Virtual reality, the Internet of Things (IoT), data analytics and computing power. With ICT spending in Qatar set to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.2% to reach $9 billion by 2024, growth will be moved by the development of large-scale, infrastructure-driven projects.

QFZ is determined to host the Middle East’s 4th Industrial Revolution in its zones, and that’s why its digital infrastructure is second-to-none. The zones offer six-way telecommunications duct banks, redundancy networks, fully deployed 5G capabilities, and fiber-optic access points offering speeds of up to 1GBps.

Competitive Advantages

Government Support

Qatar National Vision 2030 is a governmental strategy designed to innovate and diversify the economic landscape of Qatar and a key component of reaching this ambition is to provide the necessary support that will help tech companies thrive.

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5G Implementation

Qatar has some of the best 5G network coverage and infrastructure, behind only South Korea in terms of roll-out. This offers huge early mover possibilities for investors to couple their technologies in IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Vehicles, and develop new tools for industries in Qatar.

Competitively Priced Energy

Operational inputs of industries within the Technology Sector are energy-intensive. Due to world-leading liquefied natural gas production, Qatar can offer stable and price-effective energy solutions, with QFZ providing access to some of the world’s cheapest energy at 3.5 USD cents per kW/h.

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The Qatari labour pool consists of highly skilled individuals, sourcing both local and international talent. Internally, Qatar’s prominent universities provide intelligent and adept individuals to meet the skills for industry and while externally, international workforce attraction efforts are supported through enticing incentives for workers and companies alike. For example, no individual income tax on attractive salaries and implementing the lowest administrative costs of employing foreign workers in the GCC.

Our investor relations team will take care of the entire visa process for each one of your staff, so investors can focus on what they came here to do; grow their business.

Value Chain Optimization

Due to the way Qatar has structured the free zones, Emerging Technology companies are perfectly positioned to be a value chain addition to a myriad of different local industries operating in Qatar as well as a base to service regional and international markets. Qatar’s national industries provide local market opportunities, as well as the potential in partnership to pilot, test, and market international emerging technologies from a free zone location. Furthermore, in addition to these local opportunities, the free zones also offer global connectivity through their state-of-the-art air and seaports competitively in a customs-free environment

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Aerial view of Marsa, looking out into the Persian Gulf


Marsa marine cluster is a fully integrated maritime industry and leisure ecosystem with a 2,200-ton load bearing synchro lift, travel lift, finger piers and slipway.

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Industrial & consumer

Extremely competitive energy prices, access to feedstock and global connectivity gives manufacturers and chemical companies in our free zones a globally competitive edge.

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Trade & logistics

The world’s leading logistics companies are setting up regional hubs in our zones because of the unparalleled access we provide to Qatar’s award-winning air and sea-ports.