Our vision is to become the world’s most sustainable free zone group

Offering modern green infrastructure for our investors, QFZ is committed to sustainability in every aspect of our operations.

Our free zones are designed to be as efficient as possible, making use of the wide range of innovative technologies to deliver on our vision to become the world’s most sustainable free zone group.

Eco-friendly Ras Bufontas Free Zone

Our infrastructure for drip irrigation is timed and AI-based, and the water used for irrigation is always recycled; the energy used in the free zones is natural gas-generated, which has the lowest carbon footprint out of all the carbon-based fuels; and we have new warehouses being built with roofs consisting of up to 40% solar panels.

Some of our other notable projects in sustainability include:

Strategic street alignment to reduce the urban heat effect

Integrated stormwater management systems

Widespread pedestrian, cycle networks and shuttle

A 200m coastal protection and rehabilitation buffer

Efficient pumping systems that minimize water loss

Locally sourced and heat resistant materials

Water-sensitive landscaping and water metering

A beachfront promenade and eco-trail

Community service hubs with green spaces

A green irrigation control system