Qatar has a thriving economy

Qatar has sound macroeconomic fundamentals that are underwritten by progressive, well-funded economic policies.

The government’s 2008 national vision plan has a multi-billion US dollar budget which presents unique business opportunities for investors to deliver on some of the world’s most exciting projects.

Qatar's modern cityscape

USD 20 billion

Sports sector being created ahead of World Cup

USD 1 billion

Bus electrification program

USD 3 billion

Expansion of Hamad International Airport

USD 7.4 billion

Hamad Port development

USD 5.8 billion

Public-private partnerships for projects in energy, waste disposal, & and healthcare sectors

USD 14 billion

Advanced manufacturing accounting for 8% of the GDP in 2019

USD 59.4 billion

target investment in nationwide infrastructure to create a rapid transit system with 354 km of track and 93 stations.

Doha Venture Capital (DVC)

DVC is a partner of choice for high-growth disruptive companies, providing capital and access to Qatar’s domestic and global network while ensuring sustainable financial return. Investors in QFZ’s strategic sectors are eligible for capital from DVC to help your business scale-up. 


National Champion Partnerships

QFZ is committed to seeking out opportunities for our investors with some of the nation’s biggest companies like Qatar Airways, Beln Media Group, and Qatar Energy.