Your investment journey starts here

QFZ staff, from our regulations division to our senior management, are sector experts and will guide investors through the application every step of the way to make sure investor operations are fully calibrated to deliver on their business objectives. That process starts with the application and continues all the way through to operations.

Your journey begins now

To lease land on the free zones and begin the next phase of your company’s growth, follow these steps:

Explore opportunities and find out more on our website at, or by emailing our business development team.

Complete an online enquiry on our website

QFZ’s business development team will contact you to discuss your plans in more detail

If your business plan is eligible, we will provide you with a formal application form and can help arrange a site visit

Your application will be evaluated against our criteria and we will notify you promptly of our decision

If approved, you’ll receive your plot and be ready to put your plans into action, with our continued support


See answers to the questions most frequently asked by prospective investors. If you’ve got a more specific inquiry, please get in contact and QFZ will provide the information you need.